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Hilarious. Especially #2.

What's the big announcement you've been teasing us with for the past few weeks?


Hi Smokey...

Sorry for the delay in announcing the announcement. Basically, it's not that huge a deal -- Marathon Man and I have finally decided on a name for our joint efforts, and once we get everything in place for the new site, we're both hoping to step up our efforts towards maintaining new (and hopefully interesting) content here.


Oh, wow, I'm glad to have the clarification of the "fr." At first I thought he was going for, "You're not my frickin' God!"

Cynthia Closkey

If someone asks if you are a god, you say Yes!


He probably heard you call his mom "Sweetcheeks" and he came up with "Sugarbutt". He's a little YOU!!


Awesome Ghostbusters reference, Cindy!


now that you've *officially* made your announcement, the fire under my ass is lit. my life sidetracked for a while, but getting back to work on this is at the top of my list. i promise!

please tell sugarbutt i said hello! ;)

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